ADH Wet 4oz (Large Size)




ADH Wet is a medium weight water based product with a non-greasy shine and the same light earthy scent as ADH Dry.  ADH Wet is less sticky than most water based pomades, to achieve more separation instead of glueing hair together, making it more easy to achieve “pieces of hair” in a style, instead of a wall of hair. Firms up without getting crunchy when dry, but can be reactivated with water. 

It can be used liberally to sculpt a hairstyle in damp or dry hair, but ideal results are achieved when used sparingly for a finish on hair that’s been thoroughly blow dried. Good hair doesn’t come from a jar, visit the professional who works on your hair for a personalized lesson on the hairdryer and what it can do for your own hairstyling.

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Weight 360 g


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