Proraso Shave Travel Kit

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Proraso Shave Travel Kit

Proraso products are among the finest available. The classic Proraso pre post shave and shaving cream have a rich history and offer exemplary performance. This convenient travel kit allows for the complete Proraso perfect shave away from home:

  1. Soften the beard and prep the skin with the Pre & Post Shave Cream 15ml
  2. Wet the included bristle brush in some warm water
  3. Create a protective invigorating lather with the Shaving Cream 10ml
  4. Sooth, replenish and moisturize with the After Shave Balm 25ml


Mini Shaving Brush

Pre Shave Cream Refresh Mini 15ml

Shave Cream Refresh Mini 10ml

After Shave Balm Sensitive Mini 25ml