Styling Products – The Guide

Not sure if you need Clay, Gel or Pomade?


Hair pastes are suitable for almost all hair types.  They add body as they dry, making them a great option if you are looking to volumize thin hair.

HOLD:  Medium to firm.

SHINE:  Matte to low.

HOW TO APPLY:  Paste should be warmed up by rubbing the product between your fingers before applying throughout the hair. Once cool, paste will harden to add body and texture.


Gels are one of the most popular men’s styling products.  Once set gel will hold the hair until its wet again.  Gels also tend to hold the shape even when mostly brushed out.  So if you like to use gel but aren’t after a “wet” look, just wait for the gel to dry and comb through for a more matte finish.

HOLD:  Strong.

SHINE:  Medium to high.

HOW TO APPLY:  On dry hair use a pea sized amount on fingertips, style hair and leave to dry.


Clay is easy to use and very versatile.  Best suited for simple styles that look product free.

HOLD:  Medium.

SHINE:  Matte to low shine.

HOW TO APPLY:  Rub product evenly between palms before running your hands through your hair.


Salt sprays give hold, volume and matte texture.

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HOLD:  Light to medium.

SHINE:  Matte finish.

HOW TO APPLY:  ¾ sprays to damp hair and leave to dry naturally for loose matte texture.  Or blow dry in for added hold and volume.


Offering long lasting hold and complete flexibility.  Medium hold and a visible finish that’s great if you want your hair to look styled.  Wax doesn’t “set” which means you can restyle throughout the day.

HOLD:  Medium to strong.

SHINE:  Medium to high.

HOW TO APPLY:  Apply to dry hair after rubbing between palms or comb through in to desired style.


Hairspray is an incredibly versatile produce.  Can be used on its own for hold or work perfectly as a finishing product over another product to lock in the style.

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HOLD:  Medium to firm.

SHINE:  Varying levels of shine depending on brand.

HOW TO APPLY:  Once hair is styled, spray from a distance of roughly 30cm all over the head and allow to dry.


Texture powders don’t offer much hold but are perfect if you want to add somebody and texture to your hair style.

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HOLD:  Light hold, enable restyling throughout the day.

SHINE:  Matte finish.

HOW TO APPLY:  Dust directly on to lengths of hair or put a small amount in to your palms, rub together and rake through into desired style.

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